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access dots apk download

access dots apk download

our today topic is on access dots apk download. So let’s start it.

Access Dots is an android app, by using this app you can check is your mobile hacked. I We know most people will not believe how an application can tell if our mobile is hacked or not. At first we weren’t sure but you can check the reviews of this application. If you want to know how to use it, read the full article.

access dots apk download
image credit (play.google.com)

Did you know that once you grant access to your phone’s camera/microphone/GPS location to any third-party App, they can use it silently in the background?

And do you feel envious about the new iOS 14’s privacy feature – shows an indicator whenever camera or microphone is accessed? Or you can’t wait for Android 12’s implementation of the same feature?

Presenting Access Dots for Android, supporting all the way down to Android 7.0!

Access Dots, adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (few pixels light up as a dot) to the top right (default) corner of your screen whenever any third-party App uses your phone’s camera/microphone/GPS location. Access Dots will be visible even on your lockscreen!

Configuring the App is as simple as enabling the Access Dots Accessibility Service (Toggle switch in the App > (More) Downloaded Services/Installed Services > Access Dots > Enable). By default the App is configured to show iOS 14 style colored access dots – green for camera access, orange for microphone access and blue for GPS location. The App itself does not request for camera or microphone access, however, to be able to monitor GPS access by any App, ‘Access Dots’ require GPS location permission.

Access Dots is in early BETA, under development, so far it has the following features:

● Display Access Dots whenever phone’s camera/microphone/GPS location is engaged by a third-party App.
● Maintain an Access Log, which can be accessed from the App’s main settings screen. The Access Log shows when the camera/microphone/GPS location was accessed, which App was in foreground at the time of access initiation and how long did the access last.
● Assign any color to either of the Access Dots.
● On Android 10+, Access Dots by default sticks beside your camera cutout (if your device has.) You can configure the location of Access Dots to the point of specifying X/Y coordinates.
● If your device supports ‘Energy Ring – Universal Edition!’ App, then you can wrap Access Dots around the punch hole camera as well.
● The size of Access Dots can be adjusted.

While it’s free to change the Access Dots‘ color to whatever you want, consider making a donation to support the development and have access to few extra configurations like changing the ‘size’ of the dot or its location on the screen. 🙂

Note:Please make sure the App is whitelisted under any kind of optimization setting your device has, if the App is killed from background by the System, you may have to restart phone to get the Access Dots active again.

This app have more than 13k reviews with 4/5 stars.

How to use it

This app is so simple to use it, you just need to install it. download link below.

access dots apk download

Below is the simple app front page picture.

access dots apk download
image credit (malavida.com)

you guys just need to install it and open it when you install it, you need to click on the button front of Access Dots. When you click that button it need some access give him access. then it show a dot top on the screen. if that dot is white it means your phone hacked, If that dot is colourful it means you mobile still safe from hacking. so here was some simple thing that how to use it. 2nd download link might be below.

access dots apk download

if you want to read more article visit our website.

access dots apk download

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