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WTMP-who touched my phone apk download

WTMP-who touched my phone apk download

Our today topic is on WTMP-who touched my phone apk download. All we know these days peoples want to much privacy and protection for their mobile phone. So some great developers develop a best app for those peoples, who want privacy and best protection for their mobiles. If any body use your phone or unlock it, this app capture a pic with front camera. Then you can check photo from your gallery, and find who used your mobile.

WTMP-who touched my phone apk download
Image credit (play.google.com)

WTMP — Who touched my phone?

Application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for user. You will see who, when and what did to your favorite device while it is not under your attention.

How does it work?
1) Open app and click the button. Then close the app and lock your device;
2) User unlocked device or tried to do it. The application starts recording a report (photo, list of launched apps);
3) Device screen goes out. App saves report. And so on;
4) User tries to unlock device several times. App saves report;
5) Browse your reports in app. Set up sync with the cloud.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The application needs device administrator rights to look out for incorrect unlock attempts. Android only detects a password or pattern as incorrect if it has at least 4 digits/characters or pattern dots.

Device Administrator needs to be deactivated before app uninstall.



Updated on

Apr 28, 2022

Requires Android

6.0 and up


10,000,000+ downloads

In-app purchases

$1.99 – $29.99 per item

Interactive elements

Digital Purchases

Released on

May 16, 2014

WTMP-who touched my phone apk download
Image credit (play.google.com)

Data safety

The developer says that this app doesn’t collect or share any user data.

No data shared with third parties

The developer says this app doesn’t share user data with other companies or organizations.

This have more than 220k reviews, with a great rating of 4.7/5. And 4.7/5 is not a bad rating, its to much for any android app.

WTMP-who touched my phone apk download.

who touched my phone apk download

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